Soccer ball floats from Ireland to Wales, owner identified

Soccer ball floats from Ireland to Wales, owner identified

A Welsh family found a soccer ball washed up on the beach near their home and used Facebook to find the owner, who lost the ball in Ireland.

Luke Rickard of Tywyn said he was walking on the beach with his daughter, Summer, when the girl found a soccer ball that had washed up in the sand.

The ball bore an address that friend Jayne Burden determined was in Drogheda, Ireland.

Burden spread photos of the ball on Facebook, including to the local Love Tywyn page, and soon received a message from someone who said the boy who lost the ball was a neighbor.

“We were completely shocked that within six hours of sharing the post on a local selling page and our local sightseeing Facebook page Love Tywyn, the post had made its way back to the neighbor of the person who owned the ball, who said that his parents have told him that it had been found,” Rickard told the Cambrian News.

Burden said she was also surprised by the swift response.

“I could not believe that within six hours from the initial post and over 500 shares we had found the owner,” she said. “The power of Facebook is brilliant.”