About Us

Tat Lee Sanitary & Plumbing Pte Ltd is an established specialist in
Sanitary and Plumbing projects. Our team of professional
consultants and engineers leverage on the collective expertise and
experience of our founder to deliver consistent and quality works.

Today, the company has progressed to leverage on latest
technology to complement their long experience to value add to
their clients’ sanitary and plumbing system to achieve
environmentally friendly infrastructure.

Brand Purpose

Tat Lee believes that the foundation of every infrastructure lies in a sustainable system within each building and sanitary and plumbing is one of the main pillars in the construction.

Brand Vision

To be one of the leading sanitary and plumbing specialist whose designs are built on quality systems and materials to provide environmentally friendly solutions.

Brand Mission

We upkeep our promise in delivering projects beyond expectations by combining our experience with technology.