We Build Your Idea

Designs are built on quality systems and materials to provide
environmentally friendly solutions.

Civil Engineering
CW02, Grade C3

Works involving concrete, masonry and steel in sewers, drainage systems,
underground structure and more.

Plumbing and Sanitary Works
ME12, Grade L5

Installation, repairs and servicing of water and gas pipes, sanitary works
and plumbing fixtures.

Mechanical Engineering
ME11, Grade L1

Installation, commissioning, maintenance and repair of mechanical plant, machinery and systems such as power generation and turbine.

Minor Construction Works

Minor building and civil engineering works that are not governed by the
Building Control Act. (Eg. Drainage, minor road works, aprons and minor A&A)

Brand Values That Makes Every Successful Project

People, culture, policies and control contribute to having a successful project. Tat Lee is a long standing company with rich history of experience. Complementing our in-depth insights with people and measures help to build a path to our success.

Safety and Prevention

Tat Lee has taken a proactive approach towards job safety to ensure stability and employee welfare. We have the highest certified safety officers in the Industry and the top management are all equipped with this trade certification.


A team in a shared context challenges ideas at a shorter time. Collective teamwork at Tat Lee bring about quality output, higher morale and a sense of belonging.


Tat Lee builds a culture of accountability on the onset to encourage clear and effective roles to increase productivity, skills and confidence.


A resilience team behind Tat Lee is able to stay alert in times of challenges agile in handling projects.

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